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Vermont is being sued
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Maui is being sued by Monsanto for a successful citizen's initiative halting GMO experiments on their Island. Learn more here.

Constructed wetlands
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Drilling, building and
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British Columbia

A proposed Gas Pipeline will plunge directly into the heart of cetacean homewaters. Cetacean homewaters are a planned port for LNG super tankers that will load from the Kinder-Morgan pipe line, churn their way through cetacean homewaters and then on across the Pacific basin. Perhaps to fuel slave ships harvesting shrimp.

photo of jumping orca where the LNG tankers will go

Will this mother and child be caught in the passing lane between liquid gas super tankers plowing through their home waters off both coasts of north America?

photo of mother whale and child where the LNG tankers will go

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June 1, 2016 … Egzamp : The first day and it already shows! The Salish Sea smart people's alliance, spa, cetacean branch, has begun gathering signatures for a citizen's initiative campaign to manage the waste stream of plastic.

"Are people certain there is an initiative process in Egzamp?"

"Irrelevant," is the answer. "We are cosmic powered biology enjoying life in an accelerating big still banging." Local cetacean spokesperson, Professor Doubledown, explained this calmly. "With autonomous democracy," was the typically taciturn cetacean conclusion. She winked knowingly, smiled, and then slipped from sight beneath the surface, without a ripple.

Still not impressed and on the edge of your seat? Look again at the green progress bar and think of clean Egzamp beaches. Smile with frolicking cetaceans enjoying their Salish Sea and Puget Sound world capital, without endocrine disruptors in mother's milk from decomposing plastic trash or sewage effluent laced with meds.

Cetacean society knows their homewater seas off Vancouver and Seattle are the most chemically polluted water in North America. Professor Doubledown instructed the pender island conservancy and zero waste news to set up Earth Base One to help clean the homewaters. Check back to see if the green thermometer has changed or if there's news. Simply put, we are focused cosmic powered biology manifest as fun loving allied humans and cetaceans surfing big bang at life speed, far faster than the speed of light. Check back. Get organized while we are your willing slaves. Try to get every Pacific metropolitan area on board. Clean the entire Puget Sound in one sweep — and then San Fransisco Bay.

May 1, 2016 … Greenfield : May is affordable housing month. Housing the world's refugees comfortably is significantly cheaper than war. Build millions and millions of €92/m2 = $9.20/ft2 earthquake and fire safe homes. This affordable housing pays the rent via reduced maintenance and insurance. It also helps reduce population growth through pride of place and children having a place to study while going to school. Read more, vivir bien

February 3, 2016 … Washington State University : Researchers have concluded that feeding a growing global population with sustainability goals in mind is possible. Their review of hundreds of published studies provides evidence that organic farming can produce sufficient yields, be profitable for farmers, protect and improve the environment and be safer for farm workers. Read more, vivir bien

January 27, 2016 … Science : Human impact is creating a plastic planet. Planet Earth's oceans and lands will be buried by increasing layers of plastic waste by the mid-century due to human activity, according to research led by the University of Leicester. "Plastics are pretty well everywhere on Earth, from mountain tops to the deep ocean floor -- and can be fossilized into the far future." Read more, vivir bien

January 25, 2016 … Boulder, Colorado : The United States could slash greenhouse gas emissions from power production by up to 78 percent below 1990 levels within 15 years while meeting increased demand, according to a new study by NOAA and University of Colorado Boulder researchers. Read more, vivir bien

January 20, 2016 … California : Data from the Salk Institute shows brain’s memory capacity is in the petabyte range, about the same as the world wide Web. Discoveries by scientists at the Salk Institute, La Jolla and UT-Austin have increased brain memory estimates by a factor of ten. Note: even before this new figure, the memory capacity of each person was considered to be 1/10 of the internet. Suddenly, each of us is equal to the memory capacity of the entire internet. Seven billion human interconnections that can interact in trillions of combinations between petabyte brains is the capacity of individuals who use real democracy to focus distributed human intelligence. Read more, vivir bien

January 18, 2016 … Ten Year Body Count : Physicians for Social Responsibility co-published a report titled “Body Count: Casualty Figures After 10 Years of the War on Terror,” the report includes a scientifically rigorous estimate of 1.3 million total war deaths in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan between 2001 and 2011. Add in 2 million civillians killed in Vietnam plus another five years of civillian casualties in the middle east and the United States can clearly be seen for the kind of nation it really is. Read more, vivir bien

January 15, 2016 … United States : Washington DC crumbles as Pentagon drains maintenance accounts coast to coast. The national capitol section of the American Society of Civil Engineers gave infrastructure in Washington, D.C., a C- on its latest report card. Read more, vivir bien

January 14, 2016 … Europe : Dolphins and whales near Europe are the most heavily PCB polluted large mammals anywhere on Earth. “The toxicological data show that these populations greatly exceed concentrations at which severe toxic effects are known to occur. Pathological findings on necropsy consistent with immunosuppression and increased susceptibility to disease included macro-parasitic and bacterial pneumonias, high lung and gastric macro-parasite burdens, and generalised bacterial infections.” Read more, vivir bien

January 2, 2016 … United States : President Obama signed a law banning plastic microbeads added to toothpaste, cosmetic soaps and other products. This follows similar state level actions taken by Illinois, California and Vermont.

An early initiative directed at understanding plastic microbeads began with the Alliance for the Great Lakes and Illinois State Senator Heather Steans working with the 5 Gyres Institute of Los Angeles Who formed a team with Dr. Sherri “Sam” Mason of New York University; their study of plastic microparticles in the Great Lakes led to the Illinois State law banning microbeads from production.

Research into plastic microparticles in the great lakes presented a new discovery about plastic pollution. Microplastics occur as a result of solar breakdown or purposeful manufacture. Either way, microparticles of plastic are proven to be more attractive to pollution ions and particles than river or bay silt.

The tragedy unfolds with those little pieces of plastic covered by pollution ions — they look like plankton, which is the bottom of the food chain. Animals eat the plastic plankton and their digestive acids clean off the pollution ions and particles. Freshly cleaned plastic plankton is passed back into the sea where it picks up another load of pollution ions. Plastic plankton is eaten again and again. Garbage in. Clean plastic out.

This form of information-age analysis resulting in very rapid corrective response by government is a hopeful hallmark for the future. Notice the analysis also employs real economic balances which accept that both a healthy planet and a healthy population are good for business. Especially in the modern era of a full world where the free lunch of natural bounty has transformed to economic friction.

The next step? Recognize that the largest source of plastic plankton is solar breakdown of larger pieces of plastic trash. Not much can be done about what’s out there, yet. Even so. Distributed human intelligence informs of the wisdom to stop plastic trash at the source. Eliminate single use plastic in your daily life. Notice this example Clearwater Biodegradable Packaging and Litter Reduction Law, here and in the site link bar above. Use this example law with confidence. Help your town, district or country to control itself.

December 25, 2015 ... México : Zapatistas speak for Peace on Earth when they describe governmental barbarism in México.

"We recognize ourselves in the struggle for respect for our ancestral way of life, a struggle that we undertook together, in which we have spoken out and demanded respect, and in which we have been repeatedly betrayed by bad governments.

"We have learned through the course of this struggle that the powerful do not respect the honor of the word, which they have violated and betrayed again and again throughout this country called Mexico. There have been innumerable betrayals of our people in the diverse regions and struggles of an Indian Mexico that is still alive and standing, with one heart that grows large, as large as the pain that we suffer and the hope with which we struggle.

"Despite the increasingly violent war of extermination against us, we are still here.

"We are the Indians that we are, determined to reconstitute ourselves as an other possible world."

Read more, vivir bien

December 18, 2015 ... Democrats seize Bernie's Mailing List : Get on Bernie's new mailing list. Send $10 and then make it go viral. Support Bernie

December 15, 2015 ... Atlanta, Georgia : Bernie Sanders and Rapper Killer Mike sit down and talk Barbershop video

December 15, 2015 ... COP 21 France : Canadians are telling us. Elizabeth May is telling us. Concentrate! Accentuate the positive! Read more

December 15, 2015 ... Oak Brook, Illinois : MRI shows 'brain scars' in military personnel with blast-related concussion. Brain damage present in a surprisingly high percentage of active duty military personnel who suffered blast-related mild traumatic brain injury (MTBI), according to a new study appearing online in the journal Radiology. Read more

December 8, 2015 ... Switzerland : The Rhine has highest known microplastic pollution of any river. This is reported by researchers from the University of Basel, who evaluated, for the first time, the plastic concentration at the surface of one of the big European rivers. The University of Basel is the oldest university in Switzerland. Read more

25 November 2015 ... Holiday food for thought about endless war and zero waste

Photo of kilocalorie money

Thursday, 5 November 1965 ... fifty years ago : Accurate scientific global warming predictions were given to President Lyndon Johnson fifty years ago. The first government report spelling out global warming if fossil fuels continued to be burned very accurately predicted the amount of CO2 and temperature increase expectable in 2015. Much earlier 1859 experiments by Irish and Swedish physicists predicted burning coal would heat Earth by increasing CO2.

"Furthermore, Johnson’s scientific committee rebutted objections that continue to be used today by those who deny the dangers of climate change, including the claim that natural processes might be behind the rise in CO2 levels. By showing that only about half of the CO2 produced by burning fossil fuels remains in the atmosphere, the committee proved that the earth acts not as a source of greenhouse gases, but as a sink, soaking up half of our emissions." Read more

Thursday, 29 October 2015 ... China : Repeal of the one child per family law will not change population growth appreciably. Century-old knowledge that education automatically creates a gentle decline in population also holds for China. Allowing two children is projected to place the slow Chinese population decline on a par with Germany and Japan. Africa, where European and American neocolonial resource wars and land grabs continue to disrupt peace and education, is projected to be Earth's last major population surge. Read more

Thursday, 22 October 2015 ... Arctic Plastic : Plastic waste finds its way into the ocean, and from there to the farthest reaches of the planet -- even the arctic far north. This was confirmed in one of the first litter surveys conducted north of the Arctic Circle, carried out by an international research team from the Alfred Wegener Institute. Read more

September, 23, 2015 ... Sweden : Lund University scientific studies have proven exposure to plastic phthalates reduces sperm motility. "We have studied metabolite levels of the phthalate DEHP (diethylhexyl phthalate) in urine as an indicator of exposure, as well as the semen quality of 300 men between the ages of 18 and 20. The results show that the higher metabolite levels the men had, the lower their sperm motility was," reports Jonatan Axelsson, a researcher at the Department of Laboratory Medicine, Lund University.

Phthalates is an umbrella term for a group of substances based on phthalic acid, some of which are suspected to be endocrine disruptors. Many phthalates are found in soft plastics in our daily surroundings: wallpaper, sandals, nail polish, perfume, floors, carpets and more. Read more

September, 16, 2015 ... Physics.org : An outright ban on the common use of plastic "microbeads" from products that enter wastewater is the best way to protect water quality, wildlife, and resources used by people, a group of conservation scientists suggest in a new analysis. Read more

September, 1, 2015 ... Alaska : US president Obama was in Alaska to sell bottled water and faster economic growth that saves the environment. More ice breakers are also needed, to match the Russians. Perhaps drinking glacier water freshened in a hot, bottle-shaped bubble of plastic alters one's thinking as much as one's hormonal balance. Who knows what a big swig of leached endocrine disruptor that mimics estrogen can do for a guy? Really — check those manly shoulder pads. Estrogen effect cover-up?

president with plastic water bottles

The global economy consumes 1.5 Earth planets worth of resources and pollution disposal services. The US consumes Earth at a four planet rate, while more efficient Europe only consumes Earth's life support systems at the three planet rate. How long can human life exist with this happening? Does anyone really want to find out? Will real democracy focus distributed intelligence and forge a more perfect union unconstrained by crass corporatist propaganda as shown above?

August 31, 2015 ... Seabirds : In 1960, plastic was found in the stomach of less than 5 per cent of individual seabirds, rising to 80 per cent by 2010. Researchers predict that plastic ingestion will affect 99 per cent of the world's seabird species by 2050, based on current trends. read more

August 30, 2015 ... China : Study of Microplastics in urban estuaries - The most remarkable feature of all studied estuaries is that micro-plastic collections tend to be less than 2 mm, a similar size range with zooplankton that begin the food chain leading to people. A topic further discussed later.

August 1, 2015 ... Chicago : The city of Chicago is now among more than 100 counties and municipalities across the nation that have enacted legislation to discourage or prohibit the distribution of single-use plastic bags.

July, 8, 2015 ... Microwave / Dishwasher : Avoid heating food in plastic with a microwave or washing plastic in hot dishwasher Read more ...

July, 8, 2015 ... New York University : A new series of studies out of Langone Medical Center indicate that two chemicals increasingly used during manufacturing to strengthen plastic wrap, soap, cosmetics, and processed food containers have been linked to increased risk of high blood pressure and diabetes in children and adolescents. Read more ...

July, 1, 2015 ... Hawaii : The first state reusable shopping bag law becomes active. read more ...

April 7, 2015 ... Norway : "Norwegian scientists say that plastic pollution and environmental contaminants are affecting the endocrine system and the reproductive system of polar bears." Read more ...

February, 24, 2015 ... Australia : "Corals are non-selective filter feeders ... If microplastic pollution increases on the Great Barrier Reef, corals could be negatively affected as their tiny stomach-cavities become full of indigestible plastic." Read more ...

February, 17, 2015 ... Brasil : Oceanos 'recebem 8 milhões de toneladas de plástico por ano'

Oceans receive 8 million tons of plastic per year. One thousand big truck loads of compressed plastic trash cut loose and dumped in the oceans every day.

January 28, 2015 ... Vermont : The Vermont House overwhelmingly approved legislation to ban unnecessary, harmful plastic microbeads from face and body washes, toothpastes, and other personal care products. Vermont Conservation Voters has been working in support of this legislation alongside partner organizations including VPIRG, Lake Champlain Committee, Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility, Seventh Generation and others; we are excited the bill, H.4, moved through the House so smoothly.

Note: These plastic microbeads are completely unnecessary – safe alternatives such as oatmeal, almonds, and silica have been used for years. The bill now moves on to the Senate, where we hope it will pass quickly and be sent to the Governor’s desk! Thanks for all you do!

January 8, 2015 ... The Big Apple. New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio extended styrofoam regulation to all food vendors above $500,000 annual sales.

Plastic Trash 101

Plastic trash kills sea animals; turtles, whales, birds and fish. Very few people don’t know and a vanishingly small minority do not care. Some plastic trash is intentionally created micro particles added to products like toothpaste and soap, supposedly with the purpose of increasing the cleaning power of these products. Then the particles pass through sewage treatment and flow to the sea. Scent binders and antibacterial soaps create parallel stresses for Earth's life support systems.

Plastic micro particles also result from solar disintegration. Both micro particle types look like plankton in oceans and lakes, where they collect pollution molecules. Animals that eat the plastic “plankton” absorb the pollution and pass clean plastic back into the water, where it collects a new load of pollution ions and is eaten again. A more efficient method of introducing pollution into human diet is difficult to imagine.

Will a single-use plastic artifact compost into a life supporting nutrient for the life cycle of Earth in a timely manner? A positive answer to this question is central to a Biodegradable Packaging and Litter Reduction Ordinance which flows from the logic of distributed human intelligence comparing the laws of physics to the laws of corporatism and then finding a sustainable cultural solution. Considering regulation of plastic pollution at the source, specifically, there is no place on Earth where requiring reusable shopping bags and eliminating point-of-sale styrofoam and styrene has hurt the economy.

Honolulu, the first city to explicitly require compostable shopping bags. Biodegradable has almost always been defined as compostable within the various laws and ordinances, prior to Honolulu. Now, Honolulu has made it crystal clear; biodegradable is not good enough ... Compostable is the modern criteria for single-use plastic. Honolulu is a Hawaiian tourist destination beyond measure, it is worthless covered in plastic trash. Tell it like it is, Mayor.

A voter initiative can easily embrace this interesting leadership, which includes the efforts of many surfers, hats off to surfers, and adds the spice of San Francisco. ¿Ready? If one insists on smoking tobacco despite all evidence it is a ridiculous form of suicide, then one must be within arm's reach of an ashtray. ¡Yes! You are free to carry a personal ashtray ... Save the San Francisco Bay!

The vast majority (~94%) of debris collected on California's coastal cleanup day is associated with smoking activities (cigarette butts, lighters) and with shoreline and recreational activities (food wrappers, containers, caps, lids, bags, straws, cups, bottles, etc.) read more here ...

Special appreciation goes to the Los Angeles based 5 Gyres Institute in collaboration with New York University for aquatic studies of the Great Lakes which motivated and enabled the coastal State of Illinois to ban plastic microbeads. Although the microbead ban phases in over two years, it instantly spurred corporate agreements to begin removing these extraordinarily harmful plastic bits from tooth paste, skin lotion and other products. Read the label ... If either polypropylene or polyethylene are listed, avoid it like the plague.

BOSTON (May 25, 2010) Tufts University — Longtime environmental health researchers at Tufts University School of Medicine describe the carcinogenic effects of endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs), ubiquitous chemicals that have hormone-like effects in the body. In a review article published online May 25 in Nature Reviews Endocrinology, the researchers express the need for more complex strategies for studying how these chemicals affect health but report that ample evidence already supports changing public health and environmental policies to protect the public from exposure to EDCs.

plastic water bottles.

It is well documented that many harmful chemicals concentrate on organic particles suspended in water and within marine sediments by adsorbing (adhering) to the particle’s surface. Recent studies now focus on the fact that plastic particles floating in the ocean also serve as concentrating and transport devices for environmental pollutants; some studies, in fact, indicate that plastics may be better concentrators than natural sediment. The United Nations Environment Program has declared plastic marine debris and its ability to transport harmful substances one of the main emerging issues in our global environment. The physical characteristics of the surface of plastic (hydrophobic, low polarity) attract many persistent organic pollutants (POPs)—polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), and dichlorodiphenyl trichloroethane (DDTs), and other organichlorine pesticides—that share similar chemical properties ... micro-plastic pellets and fragments are serving as concentrating devices for pollutants, which raises toxicological concerns for marine organisms that commonly ingest micro-plastics. It is also important to note that these studies, through various experimental controls, were able to prove that plastic resin pellets were adsorbing the pollutants directly from the surrounding seawater (not the air or sediment).

source; Plastic Debris in the California Marine Ecosystem, 2011