Chapter 27

Return to Earth

Eddy thought it fitting that their departure for earth was directly above the volcano marking Star Song’s collapsed inner world. He watched Rima load the course settings into the navigation map as he radioed their launch time to colony headquarters. These brief tasks marked the beginning of a long voyage. A steady pull on the deep space engine control lever engaged the joy generators and sent Admiral One rocketing across the cosmos, bound for Earth.

Rima and Eddy were exhausted both physically and mentally, the battle with Doom Cloud had taxed every last ounce of strength. They sat in silence watching brilliant rainbow arcs sparkling outward from the graceful ship’s determined passage through velocity compressed ripples in the spacetime continuum. Each was deep in the peaceful privacy of their own meditation. They sat watching the ever-changing vista like weary pioneers from ages past dreaming in front of the quiet embers of an evening campfire.

Eddy gazed at the stars with eyes only partially focused, he thought of all he had done since that fateful day chance had found him gardening under the window where he had overheard his elders talking about the looming battle now fought and won. Eddy desperately wanted to feel elation from victory instead of the empty hole where Star Song and Sequoia had stopped being. He remembered the inner world of planet Pacifica and wondered if he would ever hear the stars sing again.

“You will never hear their song unless you join in with your own melody,” the thought rang in Eddy’s mind. Startled, he straightened his back from a tired slump and turned to Rima. Her eyes widened and returned his look of surprise.

“Did you hear that?” He asked without using spoken words, already knowing the answer but afraid to believe it.

“Yes,” she replied, tentatively, consciously not using her speaking voice for the first time.

Eddy heard her short, sweet melody of affirmation and felt his heart leap with joy. “Star Song! You’re alive! I was sad thinking about you as gone. Oh, Star Song, you make me glad. I’m so glad.”

“I am with you, young warriors. Though there is much melodian work ahead for me, there is more than a brief moment to celebrate; Doom Cloud is gone, entirely. And though you you couldn’t see it; the spinning spheres yanked Doom Cloud from Sequoia’s ship just in time, he and the crew are at the delfinian hospital now.”

Eddy let out a hoot of celebration, “Viva Sequoia!”

Star Song waited a moment before continuing. “A powerful and terrifying servant of evil has been vanquished. The alliance of Humans and Delfinians caught it unprepared. Now surprise is no longer on our side. The darkest of forces knows Melodians are no longer alone. Delfinians and Humans have joined us in the struggle between good and evil. Our victory over Doom Cloud will not go unchallenged.”

“Will we never find peace?” Rima’s beautiful melody carried unsettling pain and doubt.

“You have learned fast, young human friend, perhaps the fastest among all the humans I’ve met so far. Keep singing with the stars. You will find peace in your heart because you have love for creation and know that to be your life’s purpose. You live by the light of your own peace. You are among the new humans who have learned that joy is both engine and goal and that fun is a valid reward. You return to Earth in triumph with strong allies. Be confident. Be brave. And live free. Like Delfinians, you are made to have fun and be happy.”

“Can the Admiral and delfinians hear this song?” Eddy asked.

“They are listening, young human, as are all the humans and delfinians on planet Pacifica. You are all in this adventure together. Nation Pacifica doesn’t know it yet, but this battle has placed it under the protection of planet Pacifica. Delfinians and humans successully defended the life of an entire planet and will do the same for Earth.

Now that you have conquered Doom Cloud you will see that the same dirty darkness is drifting around Earth as greedy little doom clouds of pollution posing as profit. Now the time has come for me to go help build a new Melodian instrument. Sing along with me. Sing praise for Luna, Sol and your Mother Earth. I have one more surprise to share with you. Join in and sing with the stars. Sing, Rima, you too will see.”

They heard Star Song’s melody praise the singing spheres, planet Pacifica, and Earth. They joined in the song of all creation and it lifted them with joy until they became cosmic powered biology aware of itself and Cosmos. When they passed a nearby star its music rang in a crescendo of greeting that cascaded into total ringing silence. Admiral One arced in a tightening spiral around Luna and then Earth itself.

“We are here!” Rima gasped. "Look at what we just did!"

“Hang onto your hat,” Eddy said with a smile as he looked at her and then pointed below with his eyes.

Pinpricks of light rising toward them from Earth marked the trails of missiles launched at them by United States of Earth space defenses.

Eddy carved Admiral One in a turn that brought them in tighter with Earth and the missiles sped harmlessly by. Then sensor display screens picked up interceptor fighters rising from the atmosphere.

Eddy tightened their decent spiral and then cut back. They were going almost straight down, just as he had planned. The Use fighters were still helplessly blasting straight up as Admiral One cut back again and spiraled gently to touch down at the oceanside spaceport of Nation Pacifica’s capitol.

“Welcome to planet Earth,” Eddy said, playfully mimicking a commercial pilot’s voice as he pushed the button to open the hatch and lower the ramp. The Admiral had already hurried forward and led the way to solid ground. He bent over and touched it. Straightening back up with a smile he pointed to vehicles racing toward them.

Rima hugged her grandfather. He put his free arm around Eddy’s shoulders.

“We’ve returned to our roots yet this planet is now our home away from home,” the Admiral said, giving Rima and Eddy a squeeze and then gazing beyond at the approaching vehicles.

Eddy looked at him questioningly.

“We have work to do, son. There’s a lot for us to do before we go home.”

drawing of EarthBase One
Chapter one of Earth Base One continues the story