Cosmic Rain Never Stops


Timeplace is where and now as one travels around time while maintaining a biological place in spacetime. That's very important.

The first real test of controlled travel among time places came with the attempt to meet and verify crow people. Have they been encountered yet in your time and place?

This is written when the joy of laughter was stolen by capitalism and the human spirit became angry. Mother Earth had begun to intervene. What is the logical conclusion of capitalist wealth concentration? People began to ask that question in earnest during the year 2018.

It was the previous year when it became clear to a critical mass of people that an immortal nobody would soon own everything. The year began with news that accelerating concentration of wealth had reached a dozen or so people owning as much as half of all wealth. Acceleration of wealth concentration dropped to six people owning as much as the poorer half of all humanity a mere two months later. The crises has become even worse.

The writing was on the wall. When the world is finally owned by one immortal corporation, there will be no one able to effectively object as climate becomes so hot palm trees grow near Earth's poles, sow bugs grow as large as armadillos and armadillos become as large as a medium-size rhinoceros.

2017 was also the year when only one person in ten could afford water in Flint, Michigan and the American society of Engineers predicts a third of Americans will not be able to afford water in a very short few years. Does any one notice? Already no one really cares to actually think affordable homes might be a good idea for billions of people earning less than $5/day. Why should people deserve water if people don't deserve homes?

The artists among us wonder how much is saved if austerized families instead lived in secure pride of place and helped their children become more educated and produce smaller well educated families. How tremendous would be the real profit from that? But. Then. Artists are not necessary in a world owned by one giant corporation.

Artists are always necessary here and now. This story tells how an artist is driven to use a time speculator for the first time. A time and space travel machine. The artist asked; "Is there a time and place where investment in housing, health and education makes wealth and heals Earth at the same time? What time-place is it where a gradually declining population uses less and less while mining old land-fill dumps and ocean garbage to recycle more and more?" The artist needed some kind of Time Speculator to answer such questions and thus became a tinkerer.

If you are reading this, you have found at least part of the speculator's manual. Should you decide to use this manual and go forward, step one is an idea; You are cosmic powered biology manifest as a being who can see, read and speculate about Cosmos. You exist in all creation as an equal wth stars and bodies so heavy that light cannot escape their gravity. Your roots of cosmic powered biology reach back to the moment quarks began to materialize from big still banging primordial plasma.

Cosmic powered biology manifest as human surfs big still banging at life speed, far faster than the speed of light. Although this writer cannot foresee what remains of the speculator for you as a ride. If you read these words once you will know the speculator is 90 % cosmic powered biology manifest as human surfing big still banging at life-speed. You and this manual are the main ingredient. Whoever you are, identity is not important; the only other person who knows about this is my sister, and she discovered the speculator by purposeful accident.

The past is easiest. Start with my sister, Kathleen, ready smile and pretty. She jumped into the passenger seat just as I took off for a test run to somewhere near Siberia during the time when glaciers were retreating and humans had begun to bloom after thousands of isolated glacier years.

Kathleen took most of these notes as I was a total newbie with the speculator. We were moving fast and eight thousand years before Genghis Kahn. Though out of focus at first, we began to see a village, a boy and a girl.

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