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texas oil tycoon cartoon

Union of Concerned Scientists Cartoon of the Month

dilbert cartoon

August 3, 2018, Greenfield Recorder : Franklin County, Massachusetts

plastic straws

chocolate bunnies

April 14, 2017 ... Atascadero News Opinion Section, A-4 : SLO County, California

cartoon of iTrumpet and poison pollution OK for Americans but not Syrians

Bernie's hair profile

genie lamp smoke

Jr woodchucks   one Jr woodchuck

Pope selects Bernie

Chickens crossing road

What if it's a big hoax and we make a better world for nothing.

man in prison reads broad vistas from a book

Western bombs drive refugees to Europe

Uncle Sam in a squirel cage crushing human skulls

Chinese person holding back tank with umbrella

wind cartoon

interviewer asks what to do with people too lazy to work, the answer, kick them out of congress

queen held up on way to coronation

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